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Indigenous Urbanization and Mobility: identity, resilience and rights. A conversation with Philipp Horn, Claire Wright and Alexandra Tomaselli
Many Indigenous Peoples are on the move, with cities representing a primary destination. This may be due to territorial displacement, degradation, conflict or exploitation or to other socio-economic and environmental factors. Internal and transnational migration (and mobility) trends are particularly evident in the case of Latin America (e.g., Central American indigenous peoples that have moved to the USA or Indigenous individuals and families settling in Andean urban centres) but also in Europe (e.g., Sami youngsters moving to urban contexts or Latin American Indigenous individuals and families moving to Spain). In addition to rural-to-urban migration, the territories of Indigenous Peoples are also increasingly affected by urbanization processes such as urban expansion, rural-to-urban land conversions, and large-scale infrastructure projects.
Against this background, this webinar tackles the dimension of “Indigenous Urbanization and Mobility” by discussing the impact of these processes on Indigenous identity, rights and resilience in Latin America and Europe. Emphasis will also be paid to current challenges caused by the pandemic and climate change.

This webinar is the launching event of the online series “Diversity Matters” hosted by the Research Group Migrations and Diversities of Eurac Research. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the webinar series explores the impact of migrations, diversities and mobilities on increasingly superdiverse territorial realities. The series is a forum for experts to share their work and expertise with an audience of fellow academics, students, decision-makers and practitioners.

Sep 22, 2021 03:00 PM in Rome

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